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The Chuck Amato Show: S2 E8

Chuck and I break down a win against Syracuse that, while it wasn't sexy, was sexy enough. :) Now the focus shifts to BC and the road ahead.

The Chuck Amato Show: S2 E7

Chuck and I discuss the upcoming Syracuse game, the purpose of conference divisions and whether non-conference games are worth scheduling, plus we take a look at where the rest of the Atlantic Division stands at the midway point in the season.

The Chuck Amato Show: S2 E6

We didn't have a football win to discuss, but nevertheless, it was a lively show this week as we break down the FSU game and some of the big headlines coming from it. Namely, the change at quarterback.

The Chuck Amato Show: S2 E5

Special guest Tim Peeler joins Chuck and I to discuss a lot of things, most notably, newspaper coverage inequities in the area and Chuck saying he once considered a career in pro wrestling. You read that correctly! And a lot of other stuff. We even discussed football, if you can believe it! 

The Chuck Amato Show: S2 E4

Well, West Virginia took it to State over the weekend in pretty convincing fashion. Chuck and I break down what went wrong and discuss what a loss like this means to a team trying to get its footing as conference play looms down the road. Also, some positivity! I promise!

The Chuck Amato Show: S2 E3

This week's episode is...truncated, let's say. Yours truly had some user error kick in and the first part of the show didn't record. I was due for a snafu, I guess. Nevertheless, there's some great conversation that still made it to "tape," and by the end of the show, things went a little off the rails in our discussion about the ACC Network. Go figure! 

The Chuck Amato Show: S2 E2

State scored a nice win against East Carolina to start the 2019 season, so Chuck and I break down everything that went right and what the Pack can improve upon heading into the next game on the schedule.

The Chuck Amato Show Returns!

Season Two of the Chuck Amato Show begins! Chuck joins James to discuss quarterback battles of years gone by, of the value of having a mobile QB in today's modern football, and what it's like facing a rival in the very first game of the season.

The Chuck Amato Show — Episode 17

This is the final episode of the season! Special guest Tim Peeler joins us to briefly touch on the Gator Bowl, to recap the season as a whole, then to discuss facilities and the inclusion of Torry Holt into the NFF College Football Hall of Fame.

The Chuck Amato Show — Ep 16 with Terry Gannon

When NC State named the arena inside Reynolds Coliseum after Jimmy V, it felt natural to speak on it. Terry Gannon, shooting guard from the '83 team and renowned broadcaster of basketball, football and more, joined us over the phone to share what that dedication means to him. Ernie Myers--Gannon's teammate and a budding broadcaster himself--also joined us on mic, making for a fantastic interview.

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