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The Chuck Amato Show — Episode 8

With no game to recap, I thought it would be a great time to let folks ask Chuck questions during the first segment, and we had some great questions and great responses from Chuck. The second segment features a brief look at this year's Clemson team and some great memories of Clemson games gone by.

The Chuck Amato Show — Episode 7

Winning is fun! So is this week's episode. We break down the BC win in the first segment, and after the break, we look back at what went into the time ESPN College Gameday came to Raleigh. Could Devin Hester have possibly suited up in the Red and White???

The Chuck Amato Show — Episode 6

Chuck and I look back on a nice win against Virginia, look ahead to BC and ponder about replacement games down the road, among other things.

The Chuck Amato Show — Episode 5

The Chuck Amato Show returns this week! We recap the Marshall game and discuss some memories of Doc Holliday, Marshall head coach and former assistant coach under Chuck. Then we briefly discuss Virginia and lament the fact that divisions have led to fewer games against conference foes in the other division. 

The Chuck Amato Show — Episode 4

We're talking walk-ons and hurricanes this week. I asked Chuck if he could recall any notable walk-ons that were big contributors in his coaching career, and his first example was a DOOZY. In the second segment, we talk about hurricane games over the years and look ahead to WVU, a game we may or may not play as of the time this show is posted.